Saturday, 1 September 2012

Relaunch Inauguration with Just Cause 2

So here I am, finally able to write for my blog again and having also fixed the issues with transfer to my new gmail address. Of course, for now the blog looks near the same as before and nothing much will have changed but... hey, we're back! And we are back with just cause, too. Or should I say Just Cause 2... yeah ok I won't pull too many of those jokes, I promise. They have been done to death already so let me just get into the meat of things. I have a huge backlog so this calls for some speed blogging.

So, Just Cause 2... let me just say first of all that this is a game I had resolved not to play initially. Pre-release I saw trailers and gameplay review podcasts about Just Cause 2 showing some of the gameplay features and, while clearly looking awesome on many levels I found some of the gameplay mechanics to be a little off. Namely the infinite parachute and grapple hook combo. Maybe I was too hard on the game and pre-judging it without giving it a chance? I often thought this but was content to let the game slide by anyway. Then Steam comes along with their awesome summer sale deals and put up the usual publisher packs, set fire to my credit card and dumped a load of games into my library before running off into the night. This is a process I like to call the Game Glomp, and no one does it better than Steam.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Time flies... relaunch in the works

Well, what can I say. It has been a long time since I did a blog here. My personal life got messy, my priorities shifted and my attention was on many other things.

I have been planning to relaunch this blog at some point in the future and I am getting closer to that date, however I am in the process of cleaning up my google stuff, and google's crazy system is not co-operating.